Klinik 303 Club Night

Culture Box & Spiral Club presents: Klinik 303

The legendary event Klinik 303 returns to Platform K with a proper electronic club night. Dj’s, Deco +more!

Now presented by Spiral Club – your new, local event group.

We are very proud to once again have Horsens Pride as an official, providing a safer space at the event. This party is for everyone, so come spread the love and be your true self in a space where everyone is free.

On this night you can experience:

RVN FM / www.soundcloud.com/rvnfm

Paula / www.soundcloud.com/paula-uspenski

Paula is an Island girl from Estonia. She has been in the music scene for the past 9 years and has experimented in many genres – from drum&bass to dubstep to techno. She is now deeply in love with afro house, deep progressive house, and melodic techno music, which she channels as a reflection of her inner universe. Paula is internationally acclaimed, jumping all over as the resident Dj of the infamous island underground club Piidivabrik, as a co-founder of party series Bokamoso & as an organizer of the infamous I Land Sound Festival, held on an islet in her hometown. Paula is currently active in the contemporary music scene as a board member of North Electronic Music Alliance (NEMA), a driving force behind the electronic music event series Oh My, and as organizer of cultural event platform The Undergrowth, based in Aalborg, Denmark.

Jurasmus Park / https://www.mixcloud.com/raspelra/

Rasmus Raspel aka Jurasmus Park is – an Estonian guy living deep undercover in Denmark with a Danish name – has turned knobs and bobbed heads for 6 years. He plays variations of house and other electronic music characterised by bouncy, uplifting energy that includes melodic basslines and a fair amount of vocals. His inspiration comes from techno, house, tech house, bass house, UK garage, UK rap and hip-hop, funk and soul, and even rock and metal music. Being the melomaniac that he is, it’s difficult to confine him to just one specific genre, as he is constantly searching for new musical adventures. His philosophy around DJing is, first and foremost, to play for himself and have fun and, in the process, to project that fun to the audience through dance.

Can’t wait to party with all you beautiful people!

– The Spiral Club Crew