Spiral Club

Spiral Club returns to Horsens on September 30th for a proper club night! We have a solid roster of serious Dj’s lined up for you and Platform K will be filled with light, visuals and deco.

Spiral Club promotes a safer space. Be kind to each other, respect your fellow clubbers and bring your best vibe 

On this night you can experience:

RVN FM / www.soundcloud.com/rvnfm
Hypnotic, hard and dynamic. These are adjectives that describe, this Latvian DJ who is currently based in Horsens, the most. Thriving and pulsating techno that touches borders with breakbeat and trance is his way to ‘go’ with the crowd.
After many years of collecting records and digging into various genres of uncommercial music, two years ago he ultimately decided to share his vision of quality music with wider group of people and started DJ’ing. With first ‘gigs’ at illegal raves, he felt more and more connected with combination of movement, people and music, and kept developing a deeper and more diverse approach to listeners. Since then he has played in Aarhus, Aalborg, Riga and other cities of his home country, but currently looking forward to get more involved into clubbing scene throughout Denmark.

RAADU / https://soundcloud.com/radudo https://www.mixcloud.com/radudo/

Techno DJ and producer hailing from Romania. Raadu’s profound passion for electronic music has driven his remarkable journey. Starting in Romania, his path unfolded as he immersed himself in Denmark’s vibrant underground scene.
Raadu has had the privilege of delivering his captivating performances at a multitude of events across Denmark and Romania. Notably, he has graced the stages of esteemed festivals like Decipher Festival, Immense Festival, Aarhus Festuge, Chi Kong, HDR, Equal Club, Lines, Lonely Hearts Club, V58, Cafe Paradis, and many more.
Drawing inspiration from various sub-genres of electronic music, including Techno and House, Raadu approaches each set with a deep understanding of the crowd, creating an uplifting atmosphere that transcends boundaries and takes the party to new heights.

More Dj’s to be featured soon, stay tuned!

Tickets will be sold at the door only. 70,- kr regular, 50,- kr for students.

Can’t wait to party with all you beautiful people!