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In a dystopic near future humanity got rid of politicians: “they were too corrupt and detached from the needs of ordinary people”.
Humanity, therefore, created a new technological form of the democratic decision process: the digital app “TRIC” which will select two completely ordinary citizens to lead the debate during a gameshow: Mat, a very shy, awkward guy who has a background in technology and programming and Jess, a housewife trying to be an influencer but not really sure why. The play follows the two contestants as they compete in a gameshow, i.e. a series of debates. Here the app TRIC invites the spectators to vote for their preferred candidate..
An international cast (USA, Colombia, Italy) in a multimedia show that questions “augmented democracy” and civic participation, reality and representation, character and persona, visibility and intimacy through the lens of a game show.  What is reality and what is representation? What is acting and what is not?

Titel: TRIC
Kompagni: HumanLab
Actors: Anna Carla Maria Penati, Marco Zavarise, Eleonora Angioletti
Playwright and Multimedia: Elizabeth Torres Hansen
Concept and Directing: Anna Carla Maria Penati
Tech: Domenico Mannelli
Scientific Lead & IT Project Coordinator: Mariano Pugliese
App development: VIA University College
Mere info: