Welcome to Platform K

Platform K is a culture hub, a musical venue, a café, a place to hang out and create memories. It’s a creative workshop where you are the creator. Even when we are buzzing with events, we want to shape an environment of 100% hygge where you feel welcome to relax or have a peaceful space to work or study.

It’s a culture hub created for the users by the users.

Explore our diverse selection of concerts and events, grab a friend, participate and have a blast or come for a slow chill day at the café to enjoy a cup of goodness and relax in the sun.

Platform K is always on the lookout for volunteering talents who want to have a go at something new like being a photographer for events, a bartender or learn how to be a sound technician. The options are endless and our volunteers are priceless. Become a part of Platform K’s community by joining our volunteer crew. Besides being a part of an awesome group of people, other benefits are guaranteed as well.

Are you missing something in Horsens, want to become a volunteer, have a question or a café menu wish? Maybe just want to have a chat about an idea you had at the back of your mind? Let us know by dropping us a mail and hopefully we can turn it into reality together.